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[Jan. 27th, 2007|01:45 pm]
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The Kitchen Sink

Technically this is Thursday's update. Happy Thursday-on-Saturday, guys.

Irene in Panel 3 is thinking, "God those guys look weird." She's named them Larry and Moe. You can tell them apart because Larry has the oblong eyes and polka-dot patterning, while Moe is round-eyed and a little less flashy than his partner. Larry is the brains of the operation, while Moe is the more thoughtful backup planner, whose slow, careful thinking and tendancy to observe rather than contribute help him catch things that other people sometimes miss. He is not particularly impressed by Allen and Irene's lovely hardwood flooring. Moe is also slower to react than Larry, who thinks on his flippers, which is why Larry is the leader. Larry is by Stingray measures a very attractive specimin, which is tempered by his reputation for violence and femaleizing, which he perpetuates to compensate for his overwhelming desire to be thrown down and shagged by Moe. They both enjoy pina coladas and mariachi music. This is all according to Irene's imagination, and it's more or less the truth, except that Larry and Moe are both girls.

If you think this strip is cool, just wait until Monday. Oh boy oh boy oh boy!